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11 reasons not to go to Calais (jungles); 7 things to do instead

This post will not be popular with lots of my friends but I’ve wanted to say this for months.

If the refugees were allowed en-masse into Britain, they’d be placed in prison camps such as the one at Yarl’s Wood, which we have been trying to close down for years. At least the meadows surrounding Euro-tunnel are an open space.

Remember there is an expanse of water between France and Britain making it impossible to gain entry without the permission of the British authorities.

The western protester are just that not aid workers, a title they have bestowed on themselves, which will look good on a future CV.

Calais is not an adventure playground for those with time on their hand and rich parents to support them.

The tunnel and ferry invasions are based on the tactics used recently by the anti-war and road protestors. These activities go virtually unpunished in Britain because they are essentially conducted by the middle classes. The state dresses up such actions as boyish and girlish high spirits, a well thought out response designed to maintain a veneer of freedom and civil rights.

Europe might house the court of human rights but is not representative of that philosophy. If it were the world wealth would not be unevenly distributed (Off the point but important).

The majority of refugees at the camp have leave to remain in France but the mass hysteria surrounding Calais is giving them false hope. The opening of a camp in Dunkirk shows this.

Refugees are visiting the camps from other parts of France to receive the donations. By distributing the donations the protesters are participating in a selection process and setting themselves up as white supremacists, who are equipped to distinguish between the deserving and undeserving.

The protesters are endangering the refugees by helping them get criminal records and presenting themselves as trouble makers to the French and British authorities.

Refugees have been buying lorries for decades but now they have less chance as the lorry drivers will be fined and are under more scrutiny. In short the last nine months have put Calais so much in the spotlight that it is almost impossible to enter Britain.

Calais did not support the Vichy government and is a really working class town. Have you ever thought why Britain was not invaded by Germany in the late 1930s to the early 1940s?

What you can do

The majority of those arriving at Calais are economic refugees who would be happy to stay in their country of origin if their economies and social systems were not getting trashed by the west. Opulent life styles, a failure in Britain to pay adequate taxes and a willingness of the majority in Europe to play the monopoly game is a huge contributor.

Stop wars, stop wars, stop wars.

Don’t support the monopoly game.

Pay more tax and make sure its used correctly.

Bring down the 400 year dictatorship in Britain.

Don’t support your government in its centuries old antipathy with france.

Don’t witter on twitter if you don’t know what you are talking about, its extremely dangerous. Europe and the middle east is being re-structured at a rate of notts. A return to a pre-1914 world is not gonna benefit anyone and the overthrowing of secular Muslim regimes is not viable if the opposition is fundamentalist.

Women are flogged in Syria and accused of being kafir (unfaithful) by people who are financed by Britain and their allies. You cannot promote transgender politics on one hand and expect Arab women to live under a veil because you have a limited knowledge of other cultures and a serial, unthought out popularist aversion to the state. Apart from the British state of course, which plays you all like a fiddle.





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