Lebanon, media power, vampires always find a way in

Lebanon: David Cameron, a vampire visits Bekka Valley, who will it help? Richard Harrington Tory M.P. the minister responsible for Syrian refugees a friend of Israel

His armoured visit suggests Mr Cameron is less than enamoured with Bekka or could it be the availability of travel insurance, ha, ha?

David Cameron flew into the Bekka Valley a couple of days ago in a Chinook helicopter no less. Embarrassing for us mere mortals who actually arrive by mini van. Perhaps his armoured arrival was due to the fact, that it is impossible to acquire travel insurance to visit selected parts of the Valley notably those areas, which support the Syrian regime or, shock horror Hizb’allah. It seems to make a difference to the British government where you break a leg regardless of how you break it. Zahle itself is a flourishing (due to sponsorship from the diaspora) and mainly Maronite town, to which essential travel is allowed but the camp at Dalhamiyet Zahle is between Zahle and Anjar and as such part of the no-go red zone.

Media images show human suffering and a British prime minister’s feigned concern. Reports are interspersed with talk of the purported billion pounds Britain has contributed to the Lebanese refugee ”crisis” since 2011. Surprising considering the conditions in the camps. My friend has written two interactive books for the Syrian refugees based in Lebanon, here’s her web link, http://www.kitabna.org/  if you wish to sponsor a book, it’ll cost the equivalent of £4.

Mr. Cameron’s arrival at the camp followed a romp through Jordan and no doubt Syria, which was not only disturbing for the refugees but threatening to the Syrian regime and worse of all a propagating exercise, as the need for military transport supports the premise of the imminent danger associated with Bekka. A spurious image, which Britain is keen to present, as Bekka is safe generally, though gun fire can be heard from Syria, in the Armenian town of Anjar. The only fighting, encroaching on the valley occurs in the mountains above and to the east of Hermel, which are essentially in Syria. Here there is armed struggle between the Islamic mercenaries and the Lebanon military and Hizb’allah as they share the responsibility of keeping the mercenaries contained.

Of course it is now imposible to travel overland from Jordan to Lebanon so why not deal with one country at a time or stop at Jordan. I say this as the people in the Bekka refugee camp cannot leave the area as they are land locked and since Mr. Cameron intends to save people the trouble of travelling all the way to Europe, his visit there is a nonsense. I agree with a friend of mine when she says Britain should take the migrants in Calais and refrain from a fishing expedition in the countries, which surround Syria.

Foreign aid always comes at a price: Mr. Cameron meets the Lebanese prime minister, are there dodgy deals afoot?

The real reason for his visit to Lebanon emerged as it was reported Mr. Cameron met ‘Future Movement’ member and Lebanese Prime Minister Tamaam Salam. Call me a cynic but I never trust the concept of foreign aid. Unfortunately aid inevitably is associated with dodgy trade deals, the dessimation of any semblance of welfarism (not a great issue in Lebanon) and disassociation with governments and groups the west disapproves of, in this instance the Syrian regime and Hizb’allah. The Lebanese government though is as slippery as an eel.

Friends of the west?

Some of my friends are concerned, that Lebanon is about to break into civil war because of the recent protests and the chance of infiltration by British sponsored mercenaries. Though I’m aware civil war could happen at any time Mr. Cameron’s appearance in Lebanon suggests the country remains on the friends of the west list. This is regardless of the fact they have not held parliamentary elections since 2009 and do not have a president. Sensible to my mind but we all know how the British establishment feels about electoral democracy, they’ve destroyed enough countries to prove the point.

Here it’s worth reiterating, that Mr. Salam is the third Lebanese prime minister since the 2009 elections, his predecessors are Najib Mikati and Saad Hariri, son of the famous Rafik (comrade in Arabic) Hariri, the 2005 assassination victim, see/2015/05/17/lebanese-dynasties-continued-a-sunni-perspective-rafiq-hariri-and-his-legacy/and /2015/06/05/the-hariri-myth-2-some-recent-news-from-lebanon-the-northern-and-eastern-border-isis-activity-and-controversy-the-hariri-other-myths-lots-more-piccies/

Though the Future Movement has a parliamentary majority their rule is as tenuous ever and its unlikely they’ll rush into any decisions, which threaten the stability of the country, regardless of what Mr. Cameron proposes. I have to be hopeful, though a few days ago I was considering returning to Lebanon in October lest it breaks into war. In spite of their differences the various dynasties can handle mass protest ok when it suits them and if war breaks out people will rally around their particular leaders, if they approve of them or not. As for infiltration, many Sunnis are already drawn to Islamic State, as are some Christians, not surprising as the poverty in Tripoli and the Northern regions is apparent and the residents there do not feel they benefit from the economy generally.

Richard Harringdon, a short profile, got from Wikipedia

Richard Harringdon was appointed recently as minister responsible for Syrian refugees, a strange role so its worth having a look at the man. Since his election as Tory MP in 2010, Mr. Harringdon has been fast-tracked up the greasy pole of Conservative careerism and became vice chairman of the party in 2012, he was re-elected this year and his interests are varied. A tycoon and property developer Mr. Harringdon has been a Tory party member for decades and was a supporter of Kenneth Clarke, a former Home Secretary and chancellor with a very colourful political career.

A friend of Israel

Mr. Harringdon and his affiliations are not unusual and his entry into the home office, where he’ll be answerable to controversial Teresa May might well be his first step to acquiring the role of Home Secretary himself, time will tell. The one interesting point is his membership of the ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’, founded in 1974 and said to be dedicated to strengthening business, cultural and political ties between the the Israelis and Britain. Take that as you will but I feel his membership of a group, which is such an adversary of Syria speaks for itself. Poor refugees.






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