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Radio 4 acknowledges the death of Ba’ath party supporter Khaled al-Assad, curator and archeologist in the ancient Roman site Palmyra, situated in Tadmor, who buys the oil and antiquities from the mercenaries, those fleeing Syria simply want to live

BBC Radio 4 acknowledges

the death of the Syrian curator Khaled al-Assad, who worked at and researched the antiquities in the ancient site of Palmyra. The programme is ‘Last word’ and is aired on Sunday evening at 8pm. My email response is as follows.

How patronising, he was well mannered well I didn’t meet anyone impolite in Tadmor or anywhere else in Syria.
There was no housing in the Palmyra site, the inhabitants live in Tadmor, stop fabricating rubbish,
Last week R4 aired ‘The Reunion’ and gave Muezzim Begg a voice again. The British government do not deny his taking millions to Syria to finance murder, I’ve asked them.
Of course the curator supported the Ba’ath party, almost everyone in Syria does but do not want to die. The alternative was fanny zipping and culture stripping but now with the British invasion it’s floggings and beheadings.
Do not pretend to respect this man when you obviously disdain him.
You are the biggest hypocrites in the world and proud of it.
Just call Tadmor by its name, it was a prominent region in Syria and was autonomous in its governance respect that.
You do have something in common with the murderous Romans you plunder the world.
And you dare to put on a Pinochet supporter tribute in the same prog you are foul.

I do realise the comment is harsh as there was a man on the programme, who had met Mr. Assad and obviously liked and admired him. Nevertheless said commentator was encouraged to say how Mr Assad was a supporter of the Ba’ath Party but to give him credit he explained how the many public sector workers did support Ba’athism, though he concluded by confirming Mr. Assad’s support for the ruling party. Of course the existence of a public sector is dependent on state socialism, disappearing at a rate of notts in Britain. Supporting Ba’thism is a source of pride not shame.

Ba’athism a source of pride

Needless to say this will be lost on many listeners as Ba’athism isn’t a usual turn of phrase when Syria is under attack by the western propagating machine. More common mantras are Russian supporters, a minority dictatorship with a Shia leadership and  governed by Iran or Hizb’allah and specific to Tadmor the home of the notorious prison where innocent people are interned indefinitely.

It doesn’t occur to the British people, a country where there is so much talk of  ”justice” a euphemism for vengeance most of the time,  that there are criminals in Syria. Anyway even if the internees were political prisoners Syria was a safer place when they were locked away. Now of course many national dailies boast of how their beloved mercenaries have demolished the prison once and for all. Great

The Guardian newspaper reported, that the mercenaries accused Mr. Assad of apostacy and of idol worship. Needless to say, in the same article that particular rag rabbits on about ”uprisings” against the regime and how the mercenaries cannot be counted as part of the opposition against the government. Well too right they can’t.

Why can’t anyone in the west back down when they are wrong. Islamic State are mercenaries hired to plunder Syria by the west, it happens repeatedly and you can bet, that many of the antiquities will land on these shores. As for the ”uprising” how could a couple of demonstrations about the economy result in the death and displacement of millions of people. Britain and your cohorts be proud. Britain was intent on breaking any opposition to the free market and has succeeded in Syria as it didn’t have the nuclear weapons to defend itself.

Migrancy, want or necessity?

As a very intelligent woman expressed on BBC Points West last week, the Syrian migrants at the Greek island of Cos are not looking for a better life they just want a life. I didn’t hear the beginning of the feature so didn’t catch her name and can’t find it on the internet but her comment puts pay to the arrogant viewpoint, that is prevalent in the UK, that everyone is desperate to come here; as it has always been its necessity. We rob them, they come to the west simples.

Stop benefitting from the plunder

I’ll end with a question since there are only two shows on the road, Russia and the west and the former has never been a friend of the Islamic mercenaries, who is buying the oil and antiquities?

Stop now, we can all afford a drop in our standard of living, we have too much blood on our hands.

Incidentally I loved my time in Tadmor, where the people were properly socialist. I wonder how the bedouin are faring as they were prominent there.





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