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When is a state not a state? when its Islamic State; What shall we call them? not difficult, mercenaries; Dan Cruickshank, death to civilisation, Marj Dabik

An acolade to Islamic state? Why not just call them mercenaries?

The title of this post is not as flippant as it sounds, as many Muslims are horrified at the thought of living under a barbarous and ignorant bunch of individuals, even if they wish to ”unite” the Muslim world under the Ummah. The British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron recently complained to the BBC at its use of the term ”Islamic State”, saying they should use the term Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Daesh, an acronym I can’t even be bothered to write out in full. Anything but mercenaries, I guess.

The whole issue arose out of the Sousse shootings as Britain finally got cold feet about its association with the Islamic mercenaries. Of course the BBC is incensed and determined to answer back, retorts included naff jokes on the ‘Now Show’ and an internet entry by BBC’s ‘Weekend World’ presenter, Mark Mardell, who claims Mr. Cameron isn’t asking the ”big question”. The question appears to centre on the fact, that the devastation of Syria etc. is an ”explicitly political reaction to the actions of the West”.

Its not the west, that is suffering

This view became prominent in the 1980s, when Britain was in the process of deconstructing the Soviet Union, through the advancement of capitalism, the media and the funding of Islamic mercenaries. The west required a new enemy and Islam was it. Or at least the parts of the Islamic world, that had links to the USSR. A similar situation exists today as Britain and its cohorts still seek to destroy those countries, which are aligned to the Soviet bloc. Apart from a handful of attacks on Europeans and their allies the Kurds, the mass murder and destruction is concentrated in former state socialist, middle eastern and north African countries.

Dan Cruickshank and death to civilisation, BBC 4

In his documentary ‘Civilisation Under Attack’, aired on BBC 4, June 30th (still on iplayer), Mr Cruickshank revisited the issues dealt within 2002, when he visited Iraq. This was prior to the invasion, when curators were attempting to ensure the safety of ancient artefacts. Though he pussyfoots around the BBC producers to an extent, Mr Cruickshank is a genuine man with a sincere interest in middle eastern history. That said, the programme was designed to buy audiences as it showed repeated attacks on antiquities and monuments in Iraq and Syria, by the Islamic mercenaries.

There were interviews with various experts, some of whom are trying to determine the reasons for the wanton destruction created by the mercenaries. There was a representative of Isamic State in London, waxing lyrical about modern day artists in Britain and about the necessity to destroy all middle eastern history as Islam was against idolatory. Mr. C did his best but wasn’t quick enough off the mark, when Anjem Chaudary stated, that Muslims had always done the same in that region. Needless to say, this isn’t true or the ancient treasures wouldn’t be there.

Judging from his name Mr. Anjem is of Indian origin but is a British citizen and to all intents and purposes the British authorities hold his passport. A smooth move as this enables him to remain in Britain and spread his propaganda, though I’m not advocating his being unleashed on the people of the Levant. The programme contained audio footage from the mercenaries, none of whom spoke Arabic, at least the ones I could hear. Perhaps this is a problem as many Muslims learn the qu’ran in Arabic but do not speak the language itself, meaning interpretation and understanding is scant and skewed.

Anyway when the western contributors began throwing their hands in the air and agonising about violent interventions in Syria, no mention was made of arresting those in Britain, who supported the mercenaries. Apparently their rampage has to be allowed to run its course, as long as it is elsewhere. I think readers would be extremely surprised if Britain was really under threat, I suspect there’d be martial law immediately and stuff would be sorted in no time. Even though the government appears a bit jittery after the Sousse attack the mercenaries have to have someone to sell the oil and artifacts to.

Technology, half Jihad or idolatory?

That was another angle explored in the documentary, the spurious notion, that IS is destroying some monuments in order to drive up the price of the remainder. Nobody doubts this is an earner and there are plenty of potential buyers. Needless to say the sale of oil, as a source of arms revenue, wasn’t mentioned. The programme did describe the hypocracy of the mercenaries, who photograph themselves and display their feats on social media, idolatory in the raw. Apparently mobile phones etc are ”half Jihad (half the struggle)”.

Needless to say Picot Sykes was mentioned by a young commentator, yes the mercenaries cast aside the old western imposed boundaries as they passed from Syria into Iraq. One dificulty, the treasures, they destroyed in the process preceded French and British colonisation, so it was lucky, that Europe had stolen some historical treasures themselves and safely homed them in their museums. You may detect a note of sarcasm here. This is no laughing matter as the mercenaries are just as foreign to Syria and Iraq as the British and French were. Of course they have the excuse, that they do not recognise national boundaries; the Khalifa is all that matters.

This is the ultimate hypocracy as all the Khalifs recognised they were taking territory with a view to gaining converts to Islam and took steps to build up relationships with the inhabitants; unless all the accounts are wrong that is. Mr. C lamented, how the local inhabitants couldn’t have imagined the art treasures would be destroyed by ”their own people”. A sad choice of words as there cannot be many Syrians or Iraqis, who consider a foreign invader to be their own, particularly, when said invader is raping and pillaging. People in both those countries have a sense of nation and patriotism and consist of many religions and cultural groups.

Among the teeth gnashing westerners there were some excellent contributions, Imam Usama Hasan, countered Mr. Anjem’s interpretation of the qu’ran as he explained how the spread of the Khalifa did not entail the wanton destruction, which is seen in Syria and Iraq. Much to my delight Mr. C had tracked down a former associate and curator of the Baghdad museum, Sabda al-Omari, who referred to IS as mercenaries but went further, when she described them as a bacteria, which is growing rapidly. To my mind the west is the petri dish, which enables its growth.

Dabiq (a town in the North of Syria)

The Syrian town of Dabiq holds great significance for the mercenaries and is the name of their publication, which is printed in English. Perhaps MI5 could take it off the internet, just a suggestion but no chance, the Tories may lose votes and their majority is ever so slim. According to the academics David Commins and David W. Lesch, Marj Dabiq was a site of an important battle fought in 1516, which resulted in the defeat of the Mamluks by the Turkish emperor Selim. As from then Syria was officially part of the Ottoman Empire.That, however is not the main area of interest for IS.

During the documentary Imam Usama Hasan explains, that Prophet Mohammed declared, “the last hour will not come” until Muslims vanquish the Romans at “Dabiq or Al-A’maq”, as his army was on its way to constantinople (now Istanbul). The story itself is part of the Hadith, a collection of sayings by the Prophet, which are often taken out of context. Though important some Hadith  content is subjugated to the higher authority of the Qu’ran. Mr. Hasan also explains, that the Dabiq prophecy dates back to the pre-Islamic era. Try as I may I cannot find any information about the assertion, help please.


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