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Tunisia, a letter to the Home Secretary, Teresa May

The Directive

Since publishing the last post a couple of hours ago, I heard the BBC Radio 4 news, which reported a directive from David Cameron, under which all British tourists are required to leave Tunisia. Apparently they number around 40,000  and the tourist companies have offered to fly them to Britain promptly. Unfortunately such a directive renders their travel insurance redundant, which leaves them little choice but to acquiesce.

The move is unsurprising and confirms the suspicions of I and many of the people I know, that Britain was behind the attacks in the first place. Tunisia probably has failed to capitulate to British demands quickly enough, both economically and in relation to its political allegiances. No evidence of another attack is offered, though this is the reason Britain gives for demanding the return of holiday makers.

Here is an email I sent to the Home Office on Sunday, when it became apparent Britain was hell bent on interfering in Tunisian affairs.

To the Home Office

This is a knee jerk response but I will write to my MP later.

Why has the Tunisian authorities been forced to declare a state of emergency a full week after the shootings in Sousse? I suspected  this might happen when we were observed, by the police or MI5, getting off the plane in Gatwick on Friday 3rd July and invited to hand over any film footage in our possession. All relevant footage should have been given to the Tunisian police immediately, I’m sure there’s enough nonsense on Utube already.

It is the job of the Tunisian police to investigate the killings, not the British police. I am sure some Tunisians have been killed here and the Tunisian police were not involved in the enquiry. There is no emergency in Tunisia, it is calm and happy, though people are extremely distressed by the shootings. They are so upset there was a protest in the capital on the eve of the attacks, in effect saying terrorists can’t hide. Now people cannot assemble.

Why are people, who live miles from Sousse being punished? The gunman is likely to have a form of psychosis as it was prayer day but he was shot dead. An important question is where is he and lots of people like him acquiring guns? The western arms trade is vast and unaccountable. Another question is who are the Islamic State mercenaries selling  oil to? I know they were dealing with the British backed Kurds in Kirkuk until last year, it was featured on radio 4 and dressed up as a trade with the Mosul drug barons, who in 2004 invited the mercenary group al Qaida to protect their oil from the right wing, British imposed government.

There are only two global powers Britain (or America), representing the west and Russia, who  is clearly on the side of President Assad; in my view that means the west is culpable, even if the oil is channelled through Turkey. It is interesting, that there is no state of emergency in Britain as each day more people leave here to murder Syrian nationals. An alternative colonisation ploy? I believe so.

Back to Tunisia their economy is ruined yet again, isn’t that enough punishment? The ”revolution” forced a leader out,  a leader who had embezzled a fortune and was then harboured by the west. Britain wrote a new constitution for the government but nevertheless, even more punishment. Tunisia is not in a position to join the capitalist market,  just like Greece wasn’t in a position to join the euro.  The killings were horrendous and I realise I was lucky to be in the North at the time, however the incident does not merit the shut down of the economy, or of people’s right to assemble. In the long run Britain is a far more violent and dangerous country.



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