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The bombing of Syria by the West will exacerbate the break up of that country, no talks; say no to Britain President al Assad: vampires don’t always find a way in: Jon Snow interview: Socialist Workers Party not just rape apologists

Bombing Syria, 2014

Apparently yesterday’s late night’s BBC news examined the link between the mercenaries, who occupy Iraq currently and those, who occupy Syria. I can only guess the nature of the debate but it hinged on the question of whether the ”problem” of the mercenaries could be dealt with in isolation.

Vampires always find a way in: a word of advice

My question was answered, when I heard today’s news, which suggested Britain ”talk to President al Assad” to discuss the fight against the mercenaries; remember what happened in Iraq and Just Say No, President Bashir. If you allow them to bomb your country, it is the end for you.

If they do it without you, then you won’t be at blame. Stick to your allegiances, with Russia and Iran, one power should not rule the world, though I do wish the powerful would go away, so we can start again.

The implications of allowing the Vampire in

I just hope President al Assad realises the implications of allowing his country to be bombed by Britain and boot boy. Of course both those countries supported the mercenaries, once upon a time, even though Britain denies it, it knew about Muezzim Begg, at the very least.

And at £350 a massacre and £35 for smuggling a journalist into Syria (as reported in a video on ‘Friends of Syria’ site), even Britain could afford to pay.

Bombing will give power to the Kurds, who would love to be in charge of the North East corner and perhaps even allow it to be part of the construct, that is ”Kurdistan”. This will no doubt instigate a civil war between the various Kurdish groups and a possible massacre of the Arabs in the area.

Allowing western bombing will certainly consolidate the land grub of parts of North West Syria, notably Aleppo, by Turkey, who are extremely accommodating to displaced Syrian people. Sly one Turkey. If Turkish Syrians hated Syria they could have moved into Turkey itself, not steal parts of Syria. This is a real threat to Arabism and the ideology of Attaturk, the Turkish nationalist and former, very iconic Turkish leader.

One factor I forgot was Lebanon, where the UN are attempting to persuade the government to disarm Hizb’allah, in order to ”protect” the Lebanese border. Of course Hizb’allah say no but with the events in Gaza and the developing situation in West Bank, Palestine, this is ensuring a 3rd world war.

More reason to support the campaign below:

There will be a NATO summit held in Newport and Wales is none to pleased. We plan to oppose this debacle. If you are interested see for further info.

John Snow (not the champion of Palestine people but a conniving, self serving pile of faeces)

I just heard the interview with Jon Snow and Dr Bouthaina Shaaban (a political adviser to President Bashir), it was farcical as Mr. Snow on one hand accused the Syrian government of bombing its people in Aleppo and Raqqa and on the other questioned why the Syrian government did not bomb its people, in Haleb and Raqqa.

Mr. Snow accused the Syrians of ignoring the mercenaries in Raqqa city, implying the president is a Sunni fundamentalist, when he is a communist or state socialist but worse it implied he liked seeing people beheaded, flogged and sexually abused. Surely people remember how long it took to free Hims; years. As I’ve said before the Syrian president did not catch rabies and Syria was a stable regime, now it is not.

They (the mercenaries) are coming from all sides and are financed by the world and its wife, though no-one claims to own or pay them. Earlier today, Radio 4 news claimed the mercenaries wandered from Iraq to Syria, when it was the other way round. No-one cared, when they were pillaging in Syria.

When the Kurds were happily dealing with them in Iraq, (From Our Own Correspondent, R4), Britain didn’t care. Then of course, oil revenue began to disappear, or so we are told. At least the Syrian Kurds have never dealt with the mercenaries.

Dr. Shaaban was clearly upset but stood her ground well as Mr. Snow harangued her, in a contradictory way. She pointed out, that at the outset, the so called ”Free Syrian Amy” did not have the interests of the people at heart. The Bristol demo in the summer of 2012, consisted mainly of educated Pakistan people.

Whichever way you look at it the Syrian government was in the best position to know the make-up of the opposition but western media got going and there was no turning back.

Socialist Workers Party apologists for FGM and flogging?

Mr. Snow did mention the fact, that there is an ISIS flag flying in the middle of Aleppo, useful information for me as it bears out the fact, that Socialist Workers Party do support them. The ‘Socialist Worker’ newspaper often refers to events in Aleppo and they refuse to answer any criticisms levelled against them, or attempt to explain their position.

The pro Palestine demos in London are full of Islamic fundamentalists, whose interest in the Levant is suspect, SWP claim they ”care” about Palestinians, though I’d interpret this as an interest in Islamic radicalism as the size of the demos have grown since the election of Hamas.

That is not to say Hamas approve, as its isolation from the Egyptian Brotherhood indicates its a purely nationalist party. It’s unlikely Hamas  or the Egyptian and Syrian Brotherhood would support the mercenaries as their actions are in no way commensurate with Quranic teachings.

Syrian nationals

Just a quick word to Syrian nationals living in Bristol, support your government. Britain will not help you to return to a stable environment, the wars in the region will go on forever or until a nuclear incident. Weapons are the main commodity, which buoy up the capitalist economy. There is no end in sight unless we all say no to the monopoly game.




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