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Syrian protest leaflet, mercenaries and the abuse of women, letter to Home Office

Forced marriages and female genital mutilation are used as an act of war, by mercenaries in Syria and Iraq.

These practices are the ultimate war crimes against women, as marriage absolves the perpetrators from blame and more seriously of rape charges.

Alison Baily, a middle Eastern analyst for ‘Oxford Analytica’ reported to BBC’s ‘Women’s Hour’, Radio 4, July 4th, on the barbaric acts practiced against women, in the province of Raqqa in Northern Syria. Alison Baily is fluent in Arabic and is familiar with the region. Practices include forced marriages and lashings for women, who refuse. Local women are often abandoned later as the men leave the area to fight elsewhere. The floggings often are conducted by female mercenaries as they support their male counterparts.

The practices are flagrant acts of war, with no cultural or religious foundation

Pain is inflicted on women in communities, that have no recent history of female circumcision; a process, that inhibits the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. In Iraq the age of consent is now 9 years, making it possible for strangers to force marriage, circumcision and sexual intercourse upon female children.

I visited Raqqa in 2005, when I travelled around Syria, I found it to be very hospitable and the home to the many different religions, which make up the Syrian population. As I travelled alone and by public transport one of my long lasting impressions of Syria was how safe it was for women.

Lets make it safe again: condemn the brutal practice of forced marriage and female genital mutilation

Foreign Secretary Teresa May, and International Development Secretary, Justine Greening, recently co-hosted the ‘Girl Summit’, along with UNICEF. Greening vowed to make the issue of FGM a ” global movement”, so lets hold her to her word. They can be contacted at the following email addresses ,,

or write c/o, House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

The Khalifa

The town of Raqqa was declared a Caliphate in February of this year and since then, there has been similar declarations in both Syria and Iraq. Those responsible are paid mercenaries, who have entered Syria and Iraq in the wake of the upheaval. No-one admits to paying them, the British government label them ”terrorists” and deny they provide a solution to the crisis in either Syria or Iraq.

The Caliphate or Khalifa was the religious and political system used to spread the Islamic doctrine, throughout the middle east but as early as the 9th and 10th centuries the system was accused of being contrary to Quranic teachings, by many Muslims. There is no hard evidence, however, that all the todays mercenaries are even of the Muslim faith.

Letter to Home Office

To L. Sheen

Thank you for your reply dated 10/06/2014, to my emails dated 21st April and 27th May. As Ms. May’s representative you did at least acknowledge, that the people of Syria wish to end the conflict by diplomatic means rather than by the use, of foreign fighters. I feel however, this response was in part designed to appease those critics, who are requesting direct intervention by Britain, an action I am completely opposed to.

The situation began as a series of demonstrations not too dissimilar to, those in held in Britain in August of the same year. In both cases they occurred because of a sharp rise in the cost of living, in Syria the acceptance of so many Iraqi refugees had served to inflate the economy and in Britain there were austerity measures specifically aimed at the poor.

Unfortunately in Syria the world had become accustomed to leaders of Arab nationalist countries, either resigning or being overthrown by force and murdered. I refer of course to President Mubarak, President Ben Ali, Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadaffi. The difference in Syria is, that it is a very small country and President al-Assad is extremely popular with the people.

Syria has a very long history of protecting minorities, particularly the Christian population and more importantly the regime was modernising at a rate of notts. The BBC has carried several stories over the years, telling of its progress.

The situation is currently, that women in certain regions, notably Raqqa, are being subjected to all manner of barbaric acts by the young men, who are acting as mercenaries and joining militias there.

As you will agree many are from Britain and regardless of whether ”radicalisation” is occurring. When they arrive in Syria or in Britain it is an indictment of British society, that young people feel free to enter any country, with a view to killing, lashing or forcing sex on the women; even if they forced them into marriage first.

Woman’s Hour, on July 4th aired a report by the academic and Arabic speaking Alison Baily, who confirmed, that Raqqa women were subjected to such treatment, by specifically foreign invaders. Foreign women are responsible also for the ill-treatment of the inhabitants if they disobey commands to marry or dress in a certain way. Similar acts are happening in Iraq, where the mercenaries, based in Mosul have not only stolen oil revenue but have began to kill even the Kurdish population, who were held up, by Britain, as a reason to overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq.

As I said before I will give Britain the benefit of the doubt as to their involvement, with the British mercenaries but I sincerely believe some pressure might be exerted by the British state to stop these actions.

References to a new Caliphate is not acceptable on BBC channels as people have little idea as to their origin or, how they worked. The nation state is paramount in todays society and there is no spiritual leader taking responsibility for the action of the mercenaries. In fact all the Muslims I’ve talked to recently, claim the activities of the mercenaries are in direct controvention of Quranic teaching.

This view is borne out in the work of Karen Armstrong an expert on Islam and the Quran, when she asserts, that the the Islamic world by the 9th and 10th centuries, felt the Caliphate system largely ignored the doctrine of the Quran. Apart from this, there are plenty of Islamic states, which uphold the teachings of Mohammed and Syria itself is a very religious country.

Lastly Syria was a stable and accepting country now it is not, it has lost much of its history as well as the loss or displacement of human life.

Please act now and speak out about the abominations, that are taking

No to NATO!!

There will be a NATO summit held in Newport and Wales is none to pleased. We plan to oppose this debacle. If you are interested see for further info.


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