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When will the British government clamp down on British mercenaries?

Though this entry does not focus on Syrian history, actions taken now, by the British government, may well impact on the future of Syria.

British mercenaries

Apparently the family of Abdullah Deghayes claim not to have known that he and his two brothers were in Syria, odd, as the younger boy is aged only 16. In my experience Muslim families are extremely close and it is hard to believe they did not know the boys had left the country. At any rate the death of the young man might serve as a warning to others, who seek adventures in Syria; particularly if their actions include the killing and maiming of people, who do not share their values.

The position of the British government

Some months ago I emailed my MP. a liberal, who replied in standard form, that as far as he knew, the British government were only providing ”aid” for Syria. Interestingly he hand wrote a note criticising Iran and Russia’s support for the Syrian president. Anyway I replied at last and asked, that young Muslim men be refused passports if there is a threat of them entering Syria to impose Islamic fundamentalism on the people there.

The government already vets young women if they are going to visit their country of origin with a view to marrying someone, who has been chosen by their family. Would it be too hard to do the same with the young men, who are leaving Britain to fight in Syria? I think not!

Up until recently I was unaware, that this was happening and assumed the mercenaries entered Syria through the gulf and Turkey. I remain unsure of the British government’s position. Since they arrested Muezzim Begg though, they cannot bury their heads and have no excuse, for not putting a stop to it.

After all, they are not happy about the alleged attempts by some Muslims to infiltrate schools in Britain and cannot resist accusing Abu Hamza of promoting fundamentalism through British mosques. So what is different about Syria? to my mind only that the youth, who go there are murderers. For their own sake these young men have to be stopped, they are desperate and confused and under the influence of older people.

As far as I know the Deghayes family is Libyan, a country, that is not fundamentalist yet, despite the overthrow of its former Chair, Colonel Gaddafi. I was a supporter of his regime but cannot keep up with events in all the countries in the region, unfortunately. As far as I can discern the former Libyan monarchs were more inclined to the Sufi philosophy, which historically is opposed to Wahabiizm: its a complicated an issue though.

No to NATO!!

There will be a NATO summit held in Newport and Wales is none to pleased. We plan to oppose this debacle. If you are interested see www.nonatonewport.org for further info.



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