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Hail the dust cloud! cars, wars and capitalism: the dust will never settle on Lebanon and Syria: Israeli expansionism, a real threat

Pollution and its causes: cars, bombs and capitalism

Hail the dust cloud! of course Britain will blame Europe (particularly France), Africa and uncle Tom Cobley for its existence, rather than looking inward. If the increase in car associated emissions haven’t played a part then I’m a martian. The issue is never to be explored as the existence of the tin box is vital to the monopoly game, for many reasons.

I just wonder if Britain will stop car driving on a small-scale as France did, though I doubt it seriously. At the very least people can stop 4 wheel driving around the sahara; but again no. It’s wonderful to see the desert, meteorites etc and camp with bedwari people who have lost their whole culture through being forced into tourism. The flow of capital has enabled all sorts of adventure tourism, that impacts on the world infrastructure just as badly as the theft of resources.

Perhaps this wonderful country can look at the part it plays in all sorts of weaponry testing throughout North Africa and the Middle East and do not be fooled, the consecutive wars fought recently have been part of that test, as the inhabitants of the countries concerned are irrelevant to the murder machine that is Britain and its cohorts; in other words the money masters. Trust me it will all return to bite us in the rear. Capitalism has no friends and playing the ”markets” only causes addiction and your own children’s destruction in the end.

The dust cloud over Syria and Lebanon grows

There is certainly a dust cloud settling over Lebanon and Syria as both countries deteriorate; so I’ll repeat a few things I’ve written in other entries. When Hariri, a former Lebanese leader was killed in 2005, several people gave different account to the mainstream, Murdoch media. Still President Assad was stitched up and dutifully withdrew troops from Lebanon. I can only presume this was done in a belief that wonderful Britain would keep to their word and return the Golan Heights to Syria and stop the Israelis attacking Lebanon.

Obviously President Naive had not lived in Britain long enough to recognise what a sad load of cut throats the British establishment are. Not surprising as even the locals do not know, or rather they refuse to acknowledge the fact. Anyway, even before all the troops withdrew, the fighting began in Tripoli, North Lebanon, in 2006.

Israeli expansionism knows no boundaries

There were other happenings in the same year, the Israelis began to re-establish Britain’s idea of an extended Zionist state in South Lebanon or rather Syria but Lebanon is in between and while everyone’s attention was drawn to this skirmish the Israelis picked a fight with Hamas, who won a Palestine wide election that year.

This was over the Gaza strip and consolidated the fact that the Israelis were never gonna give it back to the Arabs. There had been an agreement to withdraw settlers from an approximately, 5 miles by 30 miles area (which was done) and return it to the Arabs who occupy 1 mile by 30 miles. What has happened since is that most of the Arab part has been sold off including the tunnels that acted as a trade route into Egypt and worse, that there is a nice stretch of open land that enables attacks on the Arab population by the Israelis.

Prior to the withdrawal of the settlers from the strip, the Israelis had troops in the Arab part of Gaza who kept watch on the red sea and the mediterranean, a presence that is plainly not necessary in the light of agreements with Mubarak (who was no doubt over a barrel), in Egypt and the subsequent unrest there. Unrest I consider to be instigated by the west, it is interesting how a brand of Arab nationalism has ousted fundamentalism in Egypt again and how the west seems ok to support it. Time will tell though.

Back to the present day and the old friend fundamentalism

It is a shame about the divisions between Sunni fundamentalism and shia fundamentalism in Lebanon, trust me guys none of you will benefit if you stay divided, the Israelis are a coming. Thought I would throw that in for good measure. The interesting thing about Hamas and Hizb’allah is that they represent both those positions but have a common enemy, Jewish fundamentalism or Zionism, that has no doubt radicalised their members.

Here I’d like to say that for some months I’ve had doubts as to who began the skirmishes between the Israelis and Hizb’allah. Prior to this I was sure it was the Israelis, as they operate an expansionist policy. I feel I was influenced by my research into Arab nationalism and the fact I am so opposed to fundamentalism.

Since my operation I’ve given it lots of thought and of course it makes no sense for a small group of people like Hizb’allah to instigate wars they cannot win, other than by public opinion, that can be influenced quite successfully. Now I’m firmly of the opinion that the Israelis,with a little help from their friends Britain, are the protagonists, every time.

I did mean to write about the Crimea but that will have to wait for the next entry now. It is suffice to say that events in the Balkans are near identical to the events of the 1800s, another reason why I believe Britain is on the move in the Levant.

To those who are squatting crac chevalier

One last thing, Hizb’allah and Hamas are pushed into a corner but what is the driving force with the Gulf Arabs and their friends the Pak (as in the pharsi for pure, a term that excludes the majority of people from Pakistan) men or the muslims who inhabit the Asian bit of the Balkans? It is one thing to have a survival instinct but wanting a passport and a bit of spare cash is not an acceptable reason for moving to Syria and raping and pillaging a country that will never be yours. Shame on Muezzim Begg and any British official who has caused this to happen.

No to NATO!!

There will be a NATO summit held in Newport and Wales is none to pleased. We plan to oppose this debacle. If you are interested see for further info.









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