ismailia med, fishing 2ismailia med, cormorant

The piccies show some features of Ismailia and views of the Mediterranean:

The boats belong to fishermen, some of whom go out in their waders at night and deliver their catch to local restaurants. I sampled their work at a delicious and cheap fish restaurant  just round the corner from the  communist style youth hostel, where I stayed. This functioned as a day centre for local, older people as well as accomodation for visiting Egyptian school parties.

Another type of wader, that I encountered strutting along the sea front.

The Suez canal was visible from a stretch of beach, that was accessible from the youth hostel. I walked all round the canal and met a man who explained the difference in design between the Suez and Panama Canals.

A small, street garden centre and a world war two cemetery for British military.

ismailia garden centre, cemetary.2

Arabism, Islamic history

Ismailia Sights


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