Syrian history

The History of Syria, Religion, Politics and Economics: So Many Influences.

It seems very late in the day but after reading some of the blogs and articles that have been published about the rebellion in  Syria, I am determined to write it. Though it is easy to see the struggle as a religious one I suggest it is not and further suggest that the whipping up of religious fervour is not helpful as it under-estimates the complexity of the situation.

What is worse is the type of voyeurism such religious fervour invokes as people are increasingly addicted to imaging different groups as sub-human.  At present it happens to be Muslims. In my view this type of lazy journalism appeals to people’s baser instincts, if you have a viewpoint at least have an informed one.

During the few months I spent in Syria in 2005 I took the opportunity to travel all over that tiny country partly cos it was easy, cheap and safe on public transport and partly because I anticipated the events of the last two and a half years. After the invasion of their neighbour Iraq, many Syrian people felt they were in danger from Britain and America and they were not wrong!

As far as I am concerned there is more than one way to skin a cat and Britain and America have found it.   Western powers, as they exist now, are masters at spotting ”chinks in the armour” and using these to stir up sectarian differences, under their own steam or through involving other countries.

The various treaties and trade agreements that have been drawn over the decades enable both the stirring up of sectarian differences and the involvement of countries in wars that may or not benefit them. This view is really the essence of the blog as all struggles are about power, land ownership, trade routes in that they enable the flow of capital, as well as revenge.

This view is meant to be controversial and its basis will be explored throughout the blog.



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